Date: August 7, 2019


Brunei’s top computer hackers walked away with cash prizes after winning the 5th annual Cyber Battle: Capture The Flag, the nation’s premier hacking competition organized by IT security firm ITPSS Sdn Bhd. The qualifying round was held online on July 21, while the final 10 teams and 4 solo participants competed last Saturday in a day-long event at Kiulap Plaza Hotel.

Solo participant Izdihar Sulaiman, under the screen name testing, hacked his way to the top by capturing the most flags and scoring 400 points in the 7-hour ‘capture the flag’ competition. The runners-up were 3-man team free_wifi who scored 350 points, and in third place was the duo from team cr1pt0 with 300 points. Prizes were presented by Lt. Col. (R) Pg Hj Muhamad Sazali bin Pg Hj Yakob, Permanent Secretary (Security and Enforcement) at the Prime Minister’s Office. Top prizes were $5000, $3500 and $2500 respectively.

Guest of Honour, Lt.. Col. (R) Pg Hj Muhamad Sazali bin Pg Hj Yakob, presenting the grand prize to the Champion of Cyber Battle: Capture The Flag 2019.

Finalists of Cyber Battle: Capture The Flag 2019

In his welcoming remarks, Shamsul Bahri Hj Kamis, CEO of ITPSS, highlighted the increasing sophistication of targeted phishing attacks to obtain privileged users’ credentials, which can result in compromising the integrity of an entire organization or even a government’s whole ICT infrastructure. He said that phishing attacks are increasingly targeted towards cloud service providers, especially Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, leading to Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Running concurrently with the competition, ITPSS also hosted a series of presentations by IT security experts and tech professionals. This year’s presenters included Dr Chan Woo Lee, President of Douzone Bizon D-Forensic Center, South Korea, with his presentation on Profiling in Digital Transformation, and Azhan Ahmad, Lecturer of Creative Computing at University of Technology Brunei on Developing Games from Your Living Room.

Dr Chan Woo Lee, President of Douzone Bizon D-Forensic Center, South Korea,
delivering his presentation at Talks at Cyber Battle 2019