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Mobile Application
Security Testing


The essential security test before releasing your mobile app

The use of mobile internet has surpassed desktop internet usage in recent years, leading to an exponential growth in developing mobile applications. High expectations from end users have resulted in frequent revisions and updates in mobile applications.

A lot of personal information is stored on a mobile device. Leakage of such information could cause serious damage to the device, its owner and the organization that developed it. Encrypting the data is one possible solution, but it is not bulletproof. There are ways data can be extracted from an unsecured mobile application.

ITPSS mobile application security testing provides a detailed security analysis of both iOS and Android applications. Our team of Security Analysts will be able to identify security flaws which may exist in your mobile application, and suggest remediation on how to fix them.

Our testing methodology complies with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Mobile Security Testing Guide. This will test your mobile application against OWASP Top 10 Mobile Security Risks, the current top 10 most dangerous mobile application security flaws.

Areas of security concerns covered in our assessment

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